Parker Morris

Parker Morris, Founder and Principal Recruiter of VDC Recruiting Group, created the company to change peoples lives by accelerating their careers; connecting them with top companies throughout the United States. His approach to recruiting, that permeates throughout the company, is an unwavering focus on integrity, transparency, and caring for people and relationships first. Parker has a zero-compromise policy putting client and candidate best interests above all else.
Parker studied history and political science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Following college, he quickly progressed at Washington DC’s destination marketing organization to become the youngest department leader at the company. Upon transitioning to recruiting, in his first year, Parker single handedly produced a quarter of a million dollars in revenue. As he progressed his career as a recruiter, he refined skills and best practices that set his style apart; always putting other’s best interest first. It is this integrity driven expertise that drives all efforts at VDC Recruiting Group.
Outside of work, Parker is active with church, family, music and the outdoors. He lives in Morehead City, NC with his beloved wife and children. Parker is a classically trained musician who performs with his church and a regional choir. When he is not at work or with his family, he is offshore fishing. Parker is a passionate angler and captain, taking any chance he can to be on the water.

Ryan McBride

Ryan McBride, Senior Operations Manager, joined VDC Recruiting Group in 2018.  He ensures clients expectations are met, and candidates are placed in jobs where they can grow and prosper in their careers.  

 Ryan received a BA in Business, specializing in Mass Communication, from the University of Florida.  After college, Ryan cut his teeth in sales prior to developing his career captaining and managing boats for owners throughout the southeastern United States and Bahamas.  Ryan’s softer side showed when he took leave from the cut-throat sales and fishing world to teach special needs, elementary school aged children. 

 Returning to the ocean, Ryan founded McBride Marine Consulting LLC. Here, Ryan established intricate customer service and interpersonal skills throughout years of overseeing projects, teaching owners how to properly maintain and operate vessels, and leading tournament, fishing teams.  Additionally, his skills competitively running vessels landed him appearances on nationally televised fishing shows and tournaments.   

When not recruiting, Ryan spends most of his time on the water.  Living in South Florida with his wife and two boys, he explores the ocean with family and friends. Fishing and freediving are how you will find him when he is not hunting down the next, perfect candidate. 


Whitney Morris

Whitney Morris, Recruiting Specialist of Medical Affairs Recruiting, LLC, thrives on building relationships first. She connects deeply with both her candidates and clients, developing the interpersonal relationships needed for next level connectivity. Whitney’s people-first approach sets her apart. She delivers a care through consultancy, creating lasting client to candidate relationships. A placement under her tenure connects individuals on a deeper level, for continued, long-term success.

Whitney studied at the University of North Carolina, with a degree in psychology. Following graduation, she quickly progressed as Rookie of the Year and became a top commercial representative, nationally for Merck Pharmaceuticals. Since transitioning to recruiting, Whitney focuses solely in Medical Affairs. Previously, she worked at an executive search firm where she earned President’s Club each year, finished #1 in the company her second year, and broke the company’s 30-year record for single month billings. As her career progressed, Whitney’s unflappable drive, persistent engagement with clients and candidates, and paramount integrity intrinsically aligned with her passion for Medical Affairs Recruiting, LLC. Thus, Medical Affairs Recruiting, LLC is blessed to have her as a part of our team.

When not at work, Whitney spends time keeping up with the busy schedules of her husband and three children. She volunteers in her community at the local soup kitchen, church and fundraises for the local hospital. Outside of work, Whitney is as people-centric as she is when recruiting.

Camille Abiva